Disclosure of unauthorised information

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Bajaj Finance Ltd

With reference to personal loan application no. 5323 257 249 lodged with Bajaj Finance Limited I have submitted all the necessary papers to avail the personal loan and has never got the update on the status of process/sanction of loan. In the same time I have also applied to other financial institution i.e. HDFC bank for taking loan. During the course of time my loan got approved by the HDFC bank. At the time of rate negotiation the person coordinating form HDFC Bank has intimated me about the rejection of my loan application at Bajaj Finance with a detailed reason of rejection (which has never been intimated to me in any form till date by Bajaj).

That was very surprising to me how can such a respectable organisation can share my confidential information with any other institution/person without my consent.
i contacted to Bajaj finance several time till date there is no response from their side.

Concerns : I consider that Bajaj has all the rights to reject my application but they can not disclose the reason of rejection which is my personal information with public to defame me.

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