Location/place: NEW DELHI

Name of company/service: SELF

Dear Sirs,

I have made an online payment to TVTELESHOPPING to purchase NICER DICER as shown in TVTELESHOPPING website. After receipt of the packet when I have opened it I really surprised as they have sent a box which is in different Look from the one in their website. The product is

1. Not the brand of NICER DICER. Instead it is Dice Slicer as mentioned on the packing box.

2. It is of poor quality as the small rubber pads under the base is dropping frequently for bad workmanship.

3. The bigger bowl is not properly fitting in the slot.

4. No demo CD included in the box as promised in the website.

5. No manufacturer’s name , MRP, packing date, etc. indicated on the pack.

6. In the website in the product specification, it is mentioned as Precision German Technology but in the box it is mentioned as Japanese Technology.

7. It seems to be a local product and substandard.

Since Saturday 9th June I am communicating with the TELESHOPPING on telephone and through e-mail but they were not responding. Lastly when I have communicated again on 11.6.2012 a customer care executive of TVTELESHOPPING advised me to return the product to them on my own expanse. But they haven’t given anything in writing or assurance for Money Back.

And why I will send back the product on my own expanse as the entire fault is of TVTELESHOPPING ! Actually this organization ’s business policy is to cheat people. When I have conveyed the customer care executive that I will not bear the charges for sending back the item the gentleman told me that some one from TVTELESHOPPING will contact with me with in 24 hrs. but till date no one communicated with me.

I am enclosing the payment confirmation, The copy of product appears in TVTELESHOPPING website, the actual packet I have received . Also find below the copy of the e-mail communication detail with tvteleshopping.

Please help resolve the matter so that nobody can be cheated further by TVTELESHOPPING.



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