Didn’t deliver an item in 10 days

Location/place: pune/wakad

Name of company/service: The Professional Couriers

Consignment No : vpl807792185
complaint angainst(person): somnath
phone no. of person: 8421902000
compalaint angainst(company):The Professional Couriers
phone no. of company: 91-22-278 13309

I supposed to received an Consignment around 8 june from the professional courier. when i track it shows following information.

Jun 8 2012 10:31:07 Despatched to PUNE-TRG PUNE
Jun 8 2012 09:14:34 Received at PUNE HINJEWADI GODOWN
Jun 8 2012 00:0:00 Despatched to HINJEWADI GODOWN-KSD HINJEWADI GODOWN
Jun 6 2012 23:33:53 Despatched to PUNE MUMBAI – VILE PARLE

After a week when i didn’t get my Consignment i try to call professional courier
after long trail of calls i find out responsible person (somnath).

when i call him he start giving me reasons like it is heavy (5kg), i will take extra money, i thought in working days you will not be at home ..etc etc

and then when i try to reason him, he start talking completely slang and start abusing me with very bad words and completely denied to deliver.

i was surprised

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