didnt agree to ezchange the product bought one day before due to nit fitting

&lt;p&gt;&lt;b&gt;Location/place&lt;/b&gt;: kochi,Kerala&lt;/p&gt;<p><b>Name of company/service</b>: maxfashion india</p>I have purchased from maxindia on 10th june 2013,i bought cloth items and al.later on i found that the clothes not fitting ans i went on 11th june 2013 to exchange the clothes.being a reputed company stafs behaves very badly that i cant change any of the clothws because its for discounted rate products.i pleaded them tat i cant use this due to sizw difference.they didnr agree atlast they agreed to change 2itmes.i need to chsnge 5.i wss even ready to buy more costly itmes.still they didnt agree.none of the staff members informed about the non replacement of discounted items and not even a board they have i couldnt replace 3 of my cloth items

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