Did not active Second connection

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: Tata Sky

I am fed up with Tata Sky and their customer care staff. I am following up with them from last 4 days and still there is no satisfactory response and action. Each day I am calling them about 3-4 times to know the status of activating my secondary connection of tata sky. Every time I get the same response “We are activating it in 2 hours”. After calling again after 3-4 hours, still get the same reply. When asked to transfer call to senior, tehy refused and don’t transfer. Asked for Nodal Officer contact no., they refused. It seems they are being trained to give same reply everytime if they don’t have any answer to your query. Above all, it’s irritating when they say, “We are always there to help you”. Now, I am positively thinking to close my current Tata Sky Connection and moved to some other provider. Tata Sky sucks.

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