Devansh Chaurasiya – Blue Dart Unethical Illegal

Over a period of 6-7 years I and many of my family members, friends and colleagues have observed that any courier by Blue dart does not arrive unless and until you call them and follow up. Their have been numerous instances where Blue Dart did not deliver the courier and returned it to the sender with a remark that “Door was closed” even when the address was of 24/7 functioning office or even when I have a 24 hours security guard, Blue dart mentioned Door was closed. Comments like address not found when the address was of a multinational IT giant, or even when the personal address itself is a landmark the remark they gave was address not found. And they give these comments and return the courier. I have observed that they do not attempt to deliver any courier unless and until customer calls them up and rigorously follow up on the courier. I urge ever one to boycott Blue dart so that they improve their service or perish. Regards, Devansh Chaurasiya

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