Deregisteration with byjus and loan cancellation process

BYJUs offers my son, sresht , 5years study materials with 70% discount and also provide us loan facility by capital flotes , I get the registration for my son because of there teaching techniques, then they send me a tablet and sd card, my son starts study with there materials but after using for some days his headache problem increased as he is a epilepsy patient , know due to his health issues he is not able to do his routine studies, then I talked with byjus for return of there materials, but they insist that one year course is compulsory for cancellation , i returned tablet and sd card to theirs given address and get a received e mail from them .
I already gave them about ₹20000 , my conversation for cancellation process and deregisteration is starts in October but till now they will not completed the process, lone company daily calling and massaging me for there monthly payments
Due to his epilepsy problem my son is not able to continue even for single day so I can’t take there one year subscription
Plz help me and guide me what will I have to do

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  1. 9 months ago

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