Denied Pakka Bill on purchase of HTC Explorer mobile worth Rs. 8100

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Mobile Corner

I went to a shop in Royal Touch shopping center, opposite Manish Market, Mumbai to buy a cell phone on 23-7-2012. The shopkeeper of Mobile Corner, shop no. 44, Royal Touch Shopping Center told me that he will give me a PAKKA bill if i purchase the cell phone so that i can avail the after sale services n warranty of 1 year. I had 2 friends with me which can be considered as witnesses too. After i confirmed that he will give me a fair bill, i selected HTC Explorer mobile worth Rs. 8100. He opened it started it to show me, when he was preparing the bill, I gave him the amount of Rs. 8100. When he handed me the bill, I saw that there was no VAT TIN no. or registration no. on the bill and on the above it was written estimate n not cash memo. I asked him for the Pakka bill but he denied to give me & told me that the one which he gave was the pakka n fair bill. He then just signed it n gave me. I asked foe refund but he denied. Today, I mean the next day, my father, Pratapmal Lohar went to his shop & asked for the PAKKA Bill or refund but he is not ready to give. The shopkeeper’s name is Sohail. I want to lodge a complaint against the shopkeeper & need refund and compensation for the inconvenience. I also got to know that he is practicing illegal activity of stealing the VAT that every shopkeeper has to pay, so its basically a crime and hence he should be punished.

Your’s faithfully,
Tarun Lohar,
[email protected]

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