Denial of purchase under Exchange Scheme by BIG BaZAAR

Dear Sir
I have been cheated by Big Bazaar located at V3S mal Laxminager Delhil. I deposited the old Laptop to get discount.of Rs 2000 in next purchase from Big bazaar up to 15th March 2020 (as told by deposit counter person last date of purchase is 15th March),
The old item was deposited on 9th March 2020 ( that before last 10 th March 2010,
When I went to purchase new item to get Rs 2000 discount. The store denied because some intermediate steps was required Which can not be done because one more coupon is required The receipt is also a coupon ( Written on top) and valid because I have deposited old Laptop on 9/3/2020. New item can purchase date is still valid till 15 th March 2020, but store person denied because inter- mediate process paper coupon is closed by them Even date of purchase is up to 15th March. I do not understand. This is foolish thing as Big Bazaar told me,

It is totally against consumer like us.
We have written mail to customer Care big bazaar Complain Ref. No BB32000886435,, first they replied that they will resolve it, But now they are denying to do anything, Please note the last day of purchase under discount against old exchange is going to over, by 15 th March,

I even asked them to return old laptop but It is also denied.
My submission is that Big Bazaar . has taken my item and neither returning old Lap top nor redeeming receipt coupon of Rs 2000. They are making their own rule,that is against consumer

Please register my complain I will be very thankful

BK Sinha

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