Location/place: MUMBAI

Name of company/service: LODHA GROUP

I had booked two flats in their project Codename Dawn at Thane on Mar 31,2010.I had also informed them at the time of booking that I had the option of keeping both the flats or opt for one for which the sales girl agreed.
I had also asked them if they had the required permission to build the tower to which the said they did and agreed to mail me all the required permissions.
When I went to pay the amount along with one of my friend they wanted Rs 3.6 lacs for each of the parking slot in cash for which they would not give me a receipt. I was also informed that all the permissions for the tower were still awaited and in case the permissions did not come through they will refund the money. When I asked them about the cash for parking slot refund they had no firm answer.
Finding my questioning them a little too much they told me that I either paid up or they will not return or adjust the token amount. Then I received a call from the sales girl who promised to have the matter sorted out. She kept me hanging for over two weeks and then went back on her words.
I would like to take the matter to its logical end through the consumer courts so that even if I loose my money no other buyer is such reputed but un cooperative builders.

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