Dell Adaptor Warranty

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: DELL

HI Sir,

I had purchased a DELL adaptor slim 90 Watt from, which offers a 1 year warranty on the product directly from DELL. Recently, the jack of the adaptor ( connecting the adaptor to the laptop) has been behaving strangely. I have to wriggle the cord to get the charger to supply to the laptop uninterrupted. I called up DELL customer care to inform them of the issue.

However on listening to the complaint, they chose simply not to help and were not able to explain exactly why. I got ridiculous reasons, saying that this is a normal wear and tear issue and is not covered under warranty.

My adaptor is still under warranty and it has not been long since i have bought it. I do not understand their reason for not replacing/repairing the adaptor and not covering it under warranty. The customer care was not at all helpful and at times even slightly insulting in this regard. I do not understand the whole point of providing a replacement warranty/guarantee of 1 year,if the product is so poorly designed that it can wear out in a few months.

I feel really cheated and harassed by DELL at this, and their one year guarantee is just a farce. Seek your help in this regard.

Varun Lakhotia

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