Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: NAAPTOL

I had ordered for a Videocon Marvel VAP254 245L (4 Star) Forst Free Refrigerator – Black Hairline @ Rs. 15376 on 13-April-2013. The same day the order vas verified by Naaptol and inform me that within 5-7 days product will be delivered. The same day I got payment confirmation from Naaptol. 15-April-2013 morning Naaptol inform that cargo is ready and product is ready for delivery. Suddenly 17-April-2013 evening Naaptol informing that my order has been cancelled and they are refunding my payment due to unavailability of stock of product.

Once Naaptol have confirmed order after taking payment from customer, this is Naaptol’s responsibility to fulfill the same. Since Videocon Company has not stopped the production of this product and you have committed to supply the material @Rs. 15376, this is Naaptol’s responsibility to customer. Else customer will consider that either Naaptol is earning interest of customer payment or Naaptol does not have any commitment & proper business policy.

While I made the payment they checked the stock. Now they are breaching the agreement. May be they are enjoying the interest of customer money or may be after taking the order from customer they are not getting the product with in their desired price.

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