Delight Marketing Fraud company loot on name of machine and service

Company Details as shared by then:
Email ID:- [email protected]
ISO 9001:2008 (REGD) GST Tin.
Manufacture: Automatic Phone case Making Machine, Paper LED plant, Camphor making machine, Plate making Machine,
Aggarbatti making machine, paper glass making machine
Spl. In: All kind Of Disposable machines.
ADD:-D2/5-2q, First Floor MG Road, Near MG Metro station.Gurugram (H.R) Pin:-122002

I got message from them and they offer various home based work in which they will supply the raw material and we need to process the raw material into finished product.

From the various product i opted for LED Bulb business as per there rule i will have to pay registration agreement amount of 40,000 and then they will start supplying raw material, however i payed the request amount and also 16000 GST but now no one is responding also not provided the Agreement.

Everyday i call to get the information on agreement and technician who was suppose to visit me to teach the process, but all i get to here they dont know about its and other people are busy and cannot talk right now.

For me it looks like they are fraud people and take the registration amount and start ignoring and loot people.

company contact#

Arun Goyal is the company owner as per my information.

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