Delay in processing of my loan

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: IDBI Bank

This is with reference to the mortgage loan I applied with IDBI bank over my home loan.While submitting the application,I clearly told that there have been credit cards that I have closed in the past on settlement.I have been as transparent as I can.However,I was told that the entire process would take 10 days.To my shock,it took IDBI more than a month to finally hint that I will not getting my loan.This is inspite of the fact that I have an impeccable repayment record of my home loan.Every seond day,I would get a call from the executive asking for some supporting document or the other.THis is highly unprofessional.The regional head whose approval was pending vanishes out of the scene,goes on leave without any backup or download to anyone.I really wonder people in such high posts in banks can go on unplanned leave like this and not turn up.It was an utter waste of money,time and energy with IDBI.

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  1. 9 years ago

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