delay in order and fake delivery

I have placed an order in Amazon on 11th August and it was supposed to deliver on 13th August, I haven’t received any calls from the delivery agent instead I was completely trying to the agent for 3 days but the number was all time busy. I also escalated this issue by calling to escalation team more than 70 times and also talking with their supervisors. After all this, I was been given only a fake promise to wait for 24 hrs more. At last, they initiated my refund though I am having a written mail from amazon escalation team that they won’t cancel my order and initiate the refund and they did which was not expected(initiated the refund) After calling and shouting at them they created a replacement of the product which was never delivered to me. I have told to supervisors also but they assured me that they have dropped a mail to the concern team saying that the product was not delivered and return is or there. They also assured that if anything happened to call the escalation team they will resolve immediately. Now after 10 days continuous calls and emails when finally the delivery boy came he was asking the returned product(which was never delivered to me) So I called the escalation team they said that the product can’t be delivered and ask to wait for more 24 hours. I called more than 80 times since the order was placed but they never provided the positive feedback. Please help to get my Product as soon as possible.

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