delay in getting refilled cylinder

Location/place: varkala-trivandrum

Name of company/service: jaya gas varkala-indane gas agency

I am a consumer of Indane Gas. I have been getting the gas from M/s. Jaya Gas Agencies Varkala. My Consumer Number is 32997. I have only one cylinder. The agency is not supplying the refill cylinder in time. During the calendar year 2010 the firm had supplied only 8 cylinders. During the year 2011 also the agency had supplied only 8 cylinders. One refill is sufficient for using below one month only. I have been requesting continuously to the firm for getting the refill and after a series of requests only they have been supplying it.. From the supply made during the year 2010 and 2011 it may be seen that the agency has been supplying the refill with an interval of about 45 days.

For the period from 01.01.2012 to till date, 3 refill cylinders were issued to me. The date of supply made was 04.02.2012, 27.03.2012 and 20.05.2012. After getting the cylinder on 27.3.12 I had booked for a refill immediately after its receipt. Accordingly I had received the cylinder on 20.05.2012. After receipt of the cylinder on 27.05.2012 I tried for booking a refill by dialing 04842359992.But it is informed over telephone that my booking on 07.05.2012 is still there and no more booking can be made. In earlier days I had several times contacted the officer in charge of complaints of the Indane Gas agency Trivandrum by making requests over phone and sending sms to his mobile phone No 9447498247. As a period of one month is over and the LP gas is exhausted I had made a complaint to the Ernakulam Office by dialing to 04842310859. It is informed from there that the refill will be issued next day. As no refill was supplied by the firm I had again requested to the Ernakulam Office on 22.06.2012. But nothing is happened even though I told my difficulties in not getting the refill. As no refill was supplied by the firm, I again made a request on 26.06.2012 to the concerned officer in charge of complaints over telephone telling all the facts in detail. It is again intimated that directions would be given to the agency to supply the refill next date itself. But no favorable steps are seen taken. Details of booking made by me and the complaints mad by me can be seen from the records of Indane Gas .

As a period of 43 days time is over after the last supply of cylinder. I had sent letters to The General Manager IOC Cochin, Area Manager IOC Ernakulam, District Collector Trivandrum and District Supply Officer Trivandrum on 02.07.2012 by speed post. But till now no reply is received and the agency did not supply the refill. Hence I am lodging this complaint for necessary action in the matter.

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