Delay in gas delivery

I changed my HP gas connection from single cylinder connection to double cylinder connection upon payment of Rs 2417 to R K Gas Agency, Vikrant Chowk, Ranchi on the date 30.06.18. The lady on their desk assured me cylinder will be delivered to me within 3 days and paper will be ready within a week. When i visited their office on seven days after, i.e. next Saturday 07.07.18, the same lady told paper is not ready and cylinder will be delivered within few days. After call to their office 3 day later that lady told paper is ready to be collected and cylinder would be delivered. Finally today, 11.07.18 i got my second cylinder after 11 days of booking. In between i was having guests at my place and was in a fear of running out of gas. I need a faster and promised delivery all time as i live alone and for a very essential household commodities like gas cylinder this is quite troublesome. Kindly help to solve the issue.

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