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I have a medical insurance cover from FHPL ( through my company.ID-(UIIC-8890535). This had started from 08th Feburary’2012 when i was addmitted in CMC Vellore Hospital,for a stomach pain where in i went under many test,but doctors were not able to find the exact problem i am facing with and was said that i am facing immunity deficeny and was discharged on 21st Feb’12 and since then i am following up with the insurance company for the claim. ‘As even after a follow up for the last 4 months now ,today i have been updated from FHPL that the claim is been rejected because of genetic disorder in the report . whereas i have already submitted the report from my consulting doctor (From CMC Vellore) saying that i should be paid by the insurance company .(which was the requirement by FHPL as said initially).

Last week i was asked to submit my medical reports for 2010 and 2011 , along with some other requirements , which i have already done ,but i do not see an expected update from FHPL on those reports , rather they are back with the query of genetic disorder.

I have submitted previous reports from Noble Hospital (PUNE) for the year 2010-2011 but Noble doctors had not confirmed of any such Genetic Disorder ,
If this was the case ,the Genetic disorder would had been reflceted in the Noble Hospital (PUNE) reports as well .

Kindly do the needful urgently as this is really getting weird.

Kindly find the attachment of the mail confirmation from the CMC vellore hospital doctor confirmting of me not suffering form any gentic disorder.

Narayan Prasad

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