Delay i Loan Disbursement

I applied for loan with this March and today its mid of june i still have no disbursement.Bank lacks communication and from no source i have been getting got and correct information.they have already taken more than 3 months .In April i was approved of loan and today its MID june and i still dont have my cheque..After Loan approval and after we paid Baina to property owner bank gave me a condition of having a guarantor in my loan.which was not disclosed to us earlier..After we submitted guarantors documents also and they did indepth verification uncle which was not even done for me.Finally after lots of harassment we got a news its all done now and i can come and cheque on 14th June i went to bank and signed all required documents and just before giving me the cheque bank is realizing again that guarantors has to give service certificate which i told them is not possible and alternate have submitted his scanned salary slip with stamp of his office which should be sufficient.This certainly proves how inefficient the branch and bank is at they sent me message that i can collect my payment ,my cheque is ready but then they are saying we need more documents..When they already have my property papers why they are insisting on guarantor..moreover after 4 months of delay at the time of disbursement the bank still insist on more documents ..Finally they suggested if i submit original copy of salary slip things would be sorted and after long weekend due to EID on monday am visiting bank to submit uncles original salary document . Now bank did there formalities took 3 EMI signed chq’s from me and also stated that from tomorrow i.e 19th June 2018 my interest will start. Then there comes another lady named Seema sector 70 Mohali and she is saying i have raised employment verification of my Uncle so i will further have to wait . This was heights she is the same lady who asked me to submit original salary document and things will be sorted and now she is the one coming to me with another stupid new condition .Today that is Tuesday 19th june 2018 is going to end and i still have no news from bank inspite of they have all my cheques , inspite of all the verification had been done they are unnecessarily delaying it .Am at the stage now when i can loose the property which am planning to no banks take this much time for loan processing..i have written many.mails but no one has answer..On top of everything staff of HDFC on is asking me to arrange new guarantor..Please request bank to disburse my payment ..just by checking my file submissive date things will be clear..There has been no delay is submission of any documents from my end ..i have chatting saved on my whatsaap as proof.. Please look into the matter My case file number is 632244873. My Name is Sharan Jit kaur Number 9815269606

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