Deficiency of service

Location/place: Howrah

Name of company/service: South Bengal State Transport Corporation

On 01/07/2012 I booked a advance ticket (No. 082939) of SBSTC Bus to avail journey on 02/07/2012 at 06:45 hrs. of the SBSTC bus originating from City Centre, Durgapur to Dharmatala, Kolkata. On 02/07/2012 in early morning while i was boarding onto the bus i noticed that the bus is JNNURM bus which are not meant for inter district plying or long distance plying. It is pertinent to mention here that on 25/06/2012 SBSTC also pushed same JNNURM bus from Durgapur to Kolkata. As soon as i board onto the bus i informed the bus conductor (Bhubaneswar Mukherjee) that this bus is not meant for long distance plying and journey through this buses gives extra fatigues. But the conductor paid no heed to my words.
The deficiency of service on the part of the SBSTC is as follows :
i) The seat of the bus can not accommodate 2 or 3 persons comfortably and causes huge fatigue and marred the energy of whole day.
ii) There was no luggage carrier inside the bus where passenger can place there luggage whereas long distance must have luggage carrier.
iii) Standing is not allowed in long distance buses but the conductor allowed large number of passenger which created an uncomfortable and unhealthy environment inside the bus.
iv) As there was no luggage carrier inside the bus myself forced to keep the bag on the floor of the bus and it got torn and dirt due to huge number of passenger were allowed avail journey by standing.
v) The said JNNURM buses also violated the norm of Route Permit and moved without permit.

This for favour of your kind information and taking necessary action please.

Swapan Krishna Haldar
9051078600/ 9434346915

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