deficiency in services

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Vodafone


It really shows how disappointed i am by the services and promises not rendered by the company Vodafone that i have to write down my complaints here.

I contacted vodafone to avail me BBM service of RS 129 on my BB and i did everything as per i was told to do.The amount got deducted from my balance but after that since 3 days i have been trying to access the service i availed of BBM on my BB but its not working.Now its been more than 3 days and 1 n half day of trying to get to know the exact problem why am not able to use it But all i got is useless replies from customer agents.

They just ask my PIN IMEI number , put me to hold and later cut the phone , thats all and the many a times i called i got different suggestions from everyone.

One of the replies by the customer agent was that my SIM card is different from what was registered in their accounts. so i visited the store today.

At the store i was told that the same thing.Then i got to know that they haven’t updated my documents also.Two and half year back i lost my phone and at that time my dad was using the number so while buying the new SIM of the same number i told them i will be using the number ahead and submitted all the documents they asked for to transfer the number on my name.Now hearing that they haven’t updated anything neither the number on my name nor the SIM card number which is causing me to access my BBM service. I FEEL CHEATED!

Instead of accepting their fault the customer agent who was dealing me Miss pooja of lajpat nagar vodafone store was accusing me for the fault ,she was misbehaving and loud , not understanding my problem , kept forgetting what she is to do and was asking others . Just when i was to go out she called me back as she forgot something to send to her technical dept. the attitude of her and careless dealing made me lose all my faith of getting my problem sought-ed out any sooner. Neither there was any BB personnel who should be there everyday and when i asked where is BB personel she said she is on leave.And believe me everytime i wisted with my problem to any vodafone store being a blackberry customer i have never met any BB personel who just handle BB.

I have lost all my faith on vodafone after facing these incidents and i want the vodafone to look into my matter and add my RS 129 back to my balance or sought out my problem as soon as possible .

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