deficiency in service

Location/place: ahmedabad

Name of company/service: travelyaari

i am extremely dissatisfied with the service provided by travelyaari and your associate company-rishabh travels.
i am reporting the matter to you because i have a privity of contract with your company and under the consumer protection act(CPA),1986, a consumer is supposed to register the complaint with the person with whom he has privity of contract.
i will now proceed with my complaints in chronological order.
1)the driver of the bus stopped at a place where we were forced to buy goods above the market price which is an infringement under s.2(c)(4) of the CPA
2) i was made to change buses and were provided with a bus of srianth travels(something we never contracted for) against my will.
3)firstly i was told by the srinath employees that my sleeper seats would be changed to seaters after a detailed arguement which lasted for around an hour i finally got my sleeper seat.
4)conditions inside the bus were horrible as non ticketed passengers were allowed in the bus and the bus was thus overcrowded the condition was bad to such an extent that there was no place to walk in the bus as these people slept on the floor of the bus.(i have photographic evidence of the same)
5)the bus as i told earlier was stopped to take in passengers.
at udaipur the bus stood for nearly 1.30 hours so that the srinath employees could fill up the bus to the brim
6) points (3) & (5) contributed to make the bus a full 4.30 hours late.
this management and procedure is a prima facie deficiency in service. section 2(c)(iii) and section 2(g) of the CPA,1986
i am not the only one who has this complaint i have collected witnesses and their phone numbers to prove the worth of my harishbhai etc
i demand a full compensation of my dues in addition to the damages which arose due to the deficiency in service of an equal amount. hence i demand a sum of Rs. 2000 for the inconvenience caused or else i would be forced to contact the consumer fora regarding my dispute.
-deepan shah
ph. no 079 26924631 or 9327005702 or 9825215702

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