Defective XUV500

Location/place: Varanasi

Name of company/service: Mahindra Automobiles

I purchased a new Mahindra XUV500 from a Mahindra dealership at Varanasi, U.P. on 16.10.2012. I had purchased the vehicle with a great joy but unfortunately I could not drove it more than 2-3 days (just200 kms) because it developed a some king of technical problem resulting into all the warning lights continuously glowing. I sent the vehicle to dealership for repairing on 25th October and which was returned to me on 26th October. While they claimed that the problem was sorted, I could drove hardly 20 Kms and to my horror, it again developed the same problem. Now my vehicle is again lying in their workshop from October 29, 2012 onwards. I have not yet received any call from them towards if the problem is sorted.

They have told me that there was some kind of wiring problem in the vehicle. I asked the Dealership to replace the vehicle immediately, which they denied.

Then I had a number of Communications with the management but they didnot provide me with a solution.

I would like to bring some facts before you, which include the following:

1. That I purchased the vehicle in question just to satisfy my whims, as I have told you that I already own Five vehicles before this XUV. So, I did not have any reason to purchase a new one except my wish to have this Mahindra XUV500AWD.

2. That, the above mentioned vehicle developed multiple problems just after few days from the delivery (the vehicle had done only 200 kms), the problems were duly reported to the Dealership, and on instructions it was sent to their workshop on 23.10.2012 (430 Kms done), vide RO13A015415.

3. That, It was again sent to the workshop on 26.10.2012 (636 Kms done), vide RO13A015632.

4. However, the problems reported were still not solved and it was again sent to the dealership on 29.10.2012 (1352 Kms done), vide RO13A015828 and vehicle is still lying with the dealership till date.

5. The main problems were :



6. That, the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) receipt was not stamped at the time of delivery of the vehicle. It was eventually stamped on 23.10.2012 when I visited the workshop to report the problem.

7. That the vehicle was actually sold on October 16, 2012(Annexure no 1), but in SALE INVOICE the date mentioned is October 10, 2012. It shows the dealer has delivered a defective vehicle to me and the Dealer had intentionally cheated me. This act of the Dealer is totally against the corporate ethics.

8. That, I have not received any call/communication or satisfactory assurances from any responsible personnel/employees/representatives of the Dealer till date.


9. That, because of all such developments, I would seek to replace their vehicle and a new XUV500 AWD shall be delivered to me.

I would like to make myself very clear that I have already suffered a lot due to an intentional wrongdoing on the part of the Dealership and was actually was in a state of a mental shock that how could this happen to a new vehicle and that in such a short duration. I have not yet enjoyed the ride of my new vehicle as yet.

If, it is that what they claim to have changed the overall wiring system of the vehicle, what is the guarantee that it would not develop a problem in future? Also, why would I again believe the same Dealer?

If you really want to help me out, please get this vehicle to replaced with a new one. This has actually developed a psyche/mindset into me to never purchase a Mahindra vehicle in future.

Hope, I have made myself very clear, and would like to hear a positive response from you.

My car is still laying with the concerned Dealership till date. I would like to request you to kindly take up my problem with the proper authorities for an amicable solution.

Thanks and regards


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