Defective unit ssupplied / service denied as they claim warranty period is over

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Llyod

COMPLAINT: Faulty A/C unit Supplied. Date: 8th June 2013
I purchased Llyod FLAS19A3C split AC from Adith Electronics, Hyderabad on May 10th 2012 (Invoice no: 8551). From day one we had problems with the AC, there has been no cooling effect as normally it has to be for any AC.
Within 2 months of purchase, I registered the complaint through your online complaint submission. The technicians came and said there’s a gas leakage and since it has just been 2 months, how can the gas get over so easily. They said it’s the suppliers and transportation problem. And the supplier said they don’t take any responsibility as the company Llyod gives the warranty.
COMPLAINT 2: 26th November 2012 (complaint no: LEEL261112258998,)
Again there was no cooling effect. The technicians came and said gas leakage and they filled the pressure and left.
COMPLAINT 3: 21st March 2013 (Complaint no: LEEL21031342864)
As usual technicians came and said gas leakage and filled the gas and said may be we got a faulty/ defective unit.
COMPLAINT 4: (Complaint no: LEEL240513109184 – 24th May 2013
Again the same problem and this time ice blocks were getting formed within the unit and there was completely nil cooling. Technicians came and said gas leakage. All the while they have just checked the outdoor unit (compressor) but never did they check the indoor unit. For the first time they took the trouble of checking- from where the gas was getting leaked and found out that the main coil in the indoor unit was the real problem and needs to be replaced.
I want to ask you -why this problem hasn’t been discovered within the one year warranty period but just after 14 days of expiry. Your technicians only have agreed that we got a defective piece. Of all the troubles and trauma I have gone through, we spoke to a Lady In charge Suresh(+919951558786) who was taking care of our complaint case. She said she will get back to us after having the status but never did. Again when we called, she completely started ignoring all our calls. Finally we spoke to your Manager Mr. Surya (+91970363399) and after a long conversation, he finally gives us a Rs. 5800 bill for the service to be done.
I’m asking you how far is this fair?. First of all we get a defective unit and we go through all the troubles all the while and now we need to pay almost 6000rs for the unit to get restored. It’s very unfair. I sincerely request you to solve the issue as early as possible. And since all my complaints have been made within the warranty time line and yet we are facing the same problem. The company needs to give its service to us.

After receiving this elaborated above mentioned complaint, the lady Sunita calls today ie..,7th June and informs me that such cases happen at times and I should pay the service charge of Rs. 5800 to have the A/c unit to work properly. Please do the needful

Thanks & Regards,
Pavan Kumar

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