Defective Sauna belt and poor customer service

Location/place: Raipur

Name of company/service:

I received my order on 12th July 2012 and after using the item within 2-3 days I found a defect. The inner part started getting melt (plastic) near the wire joint, and later on it started touches body and I felt electric shock. I was scared to use this item and I immediately called the number mentioned on Number 09990189750 however no one picked up my call. Then I called +918802942067 cuz I got my order confirmation call from this number only. However the lady rep was not al all bothered to listen my concern. She keep on telling me that I need to send it back by my own expenses to get the replacement. When I told her that this is wrong, she hung up and never picked up my call. I dialled more than 30 times but that lady was not bothered to pick it up.

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