Defective product (Birla Atlantic Hi-Tech cooler) supplied and money not being refunded by star CJ

Location/place: Lucknow (UP)

Name of company/service: Star CJ

I had ordered Birla Atlantic Hi-Tech Cooler through Star CJ .which was delivered on 04 June 13 through a courier. We requested to open the package and confirm for the condition of the Stuff,which was refused as the person said that they are not responsible for the stuff inside the package.We opened the stuff and found that is faulty.
This is to bring to your notice the utter disappointment and professionalism that I faced shopping with StarCJAlive. I am a first time customer with you and this has been a real bad experience so far. The details of my order and disappointment are as below:

Invoice no:- U00000046884
Date:- 29/05/2013
Order No:- 20130529035200
Item code :- 110920
Item Name:- Birla Atlantic Hi-Tech Cooler

I called the customer care 18605001860 same day i.e on June 4 at 5:30 PM, 2013 to report a non-conformance of products complaint. The Customer Care executive(Sahil,Suresh, and so on) did not give me any Complaint Number and told me that i’ll get a call back in two working days. However, i did not receive any call back. I again called customer care on Monday i.e. 05/06/2013. Customer care executive again assured me that i’ll get call back in two days. Again i did not receive any call. I called customer care for third time on 06/06/2013 and the executive and TL(Mr Vishal) assured me that i’ll get call back the same day, but again that was a false assurance. Today i called customer care and asked the executive to connect me to the manager or supervisor or concerned department where i can talk about my concern since it has been more than a week. But the executive refused to connect me to the concerned department.
I have got no resolution or call back from Star CJ Alive inspite of their promises and assurances that they say while selling their product. These companies are making fool of common people and strict action should be taken against them. All i wanted was that i should get right product on time, but these companies have no value for customer’s time and i requested you please look into the matter and do vary needfully .i want to return the same. i want my money back as early as possible or replacement . Sir (ConsumerCourt) kindly help me

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