Defective Mobile sold by Micromax and poor customer service

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Micromax Mobile

I purchased Micromax A57 hand set few months ago. From the very beginning, it had problem of hearing voice call as the sound was not loud and clear. In crowded place, it became difficult to listen to others’ voices. Thereafter, I identified several other factors the phone was coming across like, getting hot during on-call and charging, sudden power off of mobile, network issue, software issue and latest addition being the touch screen not working which means the phone is dead as one can not use a touch phone without touch screen.

I tried to talk to the Micromax customer care person where nobody takes up the call after trying for several times. Being seemingly fed up, I tried to search Micromax service centre nearby to my locality and found a single service centre for smart phones service in entire Kolkata which was around 40 km away from my home. Anyhow I took the phone to the particular service centre. The service centre had two persons, one was physically handicapped and other probably mentally. I was provided treatment like I have committed a mistake by taking the phone to the service centre. They could not identify any problem with the phone and updated software which worsened the scenario further.

Now, the gravity of the problem has magnified as I can not simply use the phone. It has become useless with loss of most of the functions. Tried to contact Micromax customer service over mail who, in the trailing mails, advised me to again take the phone to the same service centre. Abiding by their instruction though not enough convinced, I took the phone to the service centre again and handed it over day before yesterday. The service centre was over crowded with flooding people who are sheerly dissatisfied by Miromax products as well as service. I was amazed to behold and wonder that I have committed a big mistake buying a micromax phone rather a lower variety of reputed brand at the same cost would have been a better choice. They have now taken the phone and could not commit me a delivery time frame which may range from one month to six months, as per their opinion.

Sir, it is truly absurd that how Micromax will survive in future. They may have sold lakhs of phone sets owing to cheap price which is the only catch line of Micromax, but experiencing their pathetic product and service quality, I have no dint of doubt that this kind of company can not sustain in the longer run if not changed structure and culture drastically.

I do not expect Micromax to be changed for my mail, I should not either. What I can expect is that they should behave properly with the customer, replace a faulty product so that the overall experience of the customer remains good. Selling poor quality products superfluously demonstrating as good quality products at cheap prices is nothing but openly cheating the customer.

I intend your office to look into the matter very seriously as the matter may be of grave concern in near future with numerous complaints of similar nature might keep pouring at your office. Please act so that those days do not come up. I fervently request you to give a proper justice to one of the the loyal buyers in this great country.

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