Defective Kettle delivered by Ava Merchandiding

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Indusind Bank Limited

Ava Merchandising are a bunch of people who have no care for the customer nor are they even ready to listen to any complaints.

I had the misfortune to order online from them a Homs Electric Kettle Model 2222 which I wanted to gift to a colleague who had shifted recently to Chennai in my office. The Order Ref. # 300002899 dt.18.11.2012 and I paid them the amount of Rs.899.00 from my credit card.

The same was delivered to me on 21.11.2012 and I gave this box to my colleague only yesterday since he was out of town. When he opened the box today, he showed me that the kettle had a crack in the middle which certainly doesnt look like a break in transit, infact more like a manufacturing defect.

When this was informed to AVA, they took umbrage under their “Terms & Conditions” of reporting a complaint within 24/48 hours !

They are not even ready to accept that they have shipped me a defective product.

I want them to replace the defective kettle immediately.


Sivaraman Jayaraman, Zonal Head – Operations (South – TN & KR) – Zonal Operations
IndusInd Bank, G N Chetty Road Office, New No. 34, ( Old No. 115-116 ), G. N. Chetty Road, T Nagar, Chennai – 600017
 04428346029  8939932665  04428346312  [email protected]

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