Defective Items sent against order

Location/place: Bnagalore/Karnataka

Name of company/service: Retired

I had purchased a round marble dining table with six chairs from ‘Paras In’, ‘Dealers in imported furniture’ dated 12/12/2011 in an exhibition held in Palace Grounds, Bangalore. The seller had given lot of assurances, guarantee and life span of the furniture and the material used. This assurances attracted us going for the purchase. He supplied the item after about two weeks from the we booked and we found it was not to the extent he assured. We reported and the matter was prompptly brought to his notice through telephone and he promised to send somebody to get repaired or worst to replace. However he never turned up and even stopped answerin his phone(9343030233). When an e-mail was sent he replied that he is outside and his crew is also on holidays and therfore he will attend the same in may. But never bothered to even call or send his crew for repair. We believe that we have been cheated under this deal and look forward for any help which could be extended by your department under the circumstances explained above. The seller’s address is mentioned below:
Paras In, #33/1,
Malathali Main Road,
Near Nagar Bhavi,
Behind Bangalore University,
Malathali, Bangalore – 560056
E-mail: [email protected]

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