Defective Furniture.

Location/place: Mahim Mumbai

Name of company/service: Housefull Furnitur worli showroom

(Email’s copy for your information and necessary action)

Dear Sir,

Ref: Email dated 22 Jan.2012 and Receipt No. 3731 dated 10/06/12.(URGENT MESSAGE)

We would like to have your attention on our complaint dated above mention further to say with very deep anger that despite your hundreds of phone call two personal visit by the under sign at your Worli showroom to get fix undelivered furniture but all in vain your worli staff don;t have any courtesy towards customer to call back us,but don’t feel that they should call us and informed us that what is status of our complaint but they did not…
Mr. PAWAN and Santosh his cell number is9320920044and 9594994896 is never respond,after seeing my number he will not pick up the Phone call,and even your showroom numbers which from either TATA or cell shows my number whenever i called them but seeing my number they did not respond.
Now what option i do left either file a complaint with the police of cheating and breech of trust complaint againts your company and publish your mischief in news peper too people must know about your company’s deed’s.i will file a another complaint with the consumer forum against your company.
Here i am calling you that within the seven days of this email, if you and your company act to fails to resolve my complaint i will file the police and consumer court complaint without further informing you at entirely on your risk and cost.


(This is email copy for your information no action have been taken so far your end )

From: “sp p”
Sent: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 15:28:49
To: “[email protected]
Subject: Furniture Delivery.
Dear Sir,

sub:Furniture Delivery Differed by week.

Ref:cash bill no.3731 dated 10/06/12 .

We had booked some furniture wide cash receipt NO. 3731 dated 10/06/12,the same was supposed to deliver us by 20/06/12,but we had requested your worli outlet where we had booked the furniture your worli office staff(Mr. Pawan on 16th or 17th June) assured us that the goods will be delivered as per your request and your desired date.,but sorry to inform you that on 20//06/12 the said furniture was at our door step for delivery,We can not take the delivery of the same due to some renovation work is going on at our residence,we had called your worli outlet but no one was picking up the phone(including given cell number) this is very strange very careless attitude towards customer,Please do not send us computer generated messages that goods has been delivered successfully at our house,further make sure that our furniture must delivered to us on our given desired date(28th June)please provide us contact number of a accountable person to whom we can talk.
I do hope for your co-operation in this regard.

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