Defectice Storage water heater

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Usha

I have purchased a Usha storage water heater SWH Verve – 1025 – 25 lt from Usha company showroom located in # 54/102, Shakhti comfort tower, KH Road, Bangalore- 27 on 26-3-2012.We asked the company salesman if the SWH would work well in an independent house without having apartment like water pressure. The salesman assured us that they had only one model which would work in any water pressure condition.
We installed the water heater on 25-4-12 due to my house renovation. From the date of installation there was no outflow of water even though it was installed as per the instruction given in the instruction manual. I lodged a complaint on 28-4-12(C12042802217) to Usha customer care cell who assured us that as per the company policy, the complaint would be attended within 24 to 48 hours. However, in spite of repeated reminders to the toll free number and local service center in Bangalore no one attended the problem. Finally after 10 days, a technician was sent but was unable to identify or rectify the problem. He promised that a senior technician would attend to the problem the next day. However, No one turned up and after another reminder to Usha customer care center, Mr.Rupesh turned up on 13-5-12 and even he could not fix the problem. So, he removed the safety valve after which the water started flowing. I told him that according to the instruction manual and warranty card the safety valve is necessary for the warranty to be applicable, to which he replied that the valve is not required. I asked him to give in writing that the safety valve is not required to which he refused.
Two more technicians have come looked at the problem and expressed their helplessness. I have sent mails to [email protected] and [email protected] and received reply from them but there has been no attempt to rectify the problem.
I got a call from their cancellation department saying that the complaint has been closed saying it has been resolved.
I have experienced too many difficulties in dealing with Usha customer care. Firstly, it is very difficult to get their number. Secondly, they never attend the problem soon. Thirdly, they have very badly trained technicians.

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