Defect in mobile phone

Location/place: chembur

Name of company/service: Samsung

I (ANAMIKA TRIPATHI) daughter of SHIV SHANKAR TRIPATHI purchased a samsung moblie from reputed dealer M/S. classic mobile store chembur on 29/5/2012…model name SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE PLUS….later a problem was found that the moblie was not getting charged…i reported the complain to the same classic moblie store on dt.2/6/2012,they told that they will replace the mobile,the moblie was kept with them for five days,after that classic moblie owner said that its not their resposibility..they told to go to the Samsung service centre GHATKOPAR east..i visited to the samsung service centre and the encharge there Mr.Sunil told that the battery is defective…after four days they replaced the battery that on 11/6/2012,On 12/6/2012 the same problem was being repeated…on the same day 12/6/2012 i reported to the same JDM Samsung service centre…they kept the moblie with them for checking purpose for two days,and on 14/6/2012 returned the moblie back,and said the mobile is repaired,i charged the mobile the same day but next day on 15/6/2012 again the same problem was repeated,that the cell phone was not charging again…i consulted many people regarding this problem,like Mr.JAI PRAKASH (ASM) and Mr.anand (ASM)…i told them for replacement,bt their answer was that its not in their authority..out of 17days the moblie was only 2 days with me…

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