Deduction of money without any notice or any informative message & Shitty network.

It’s been an year i guess there’s a VAS called GAMESFORT_RC90. It’s deducting 90 rupees per month without even confirming from my side. I’ve told the CSE about this problem. He told me that he can’t do anything about it. It’s not only this. My plan is of 499 rupees & I’ve never received a bill under 900 rupees. I don’t know how the hell do you all guys count taxes.
I was once your a fan of vodafone due to their coverage, speed & customer service.
But now there is nothing in this comapny. But still i am addicted to your network.
Kindly look forward to my complaint or else I’d be leaving your company & atleast 10-20 numbers would leave your company as soon as i leave.

Thanking you,
Setul Mishra.

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