deduction of money just clicking an website via wap.

Location/place: nerist boys hostel,arunachal pradesh

Name of company/service: airtel

I am abhrajit using airtel no.9862794042. On 30th around 8pm, a pop up ads comes up when i was installing a game in my mobile. The browser opened for the click on that ads. Suddenly the GPRS paused and a flash message came informing about the deduction of rs90. At last the browser didnt show any pages. Frustated i called customer care 198. They said i have downloaded MP3FULL SONGS,whereas i didnt get any of the service. I have just clicked the link of the ads, how does an mp3 gets download? On 4th august i again called Airtel CC,to verify what have actually happened. They said rs90 was deducted for AIRTEL GAMES CLUB. I also have the recorded conversation of two times talk to CC. I need justification here and my rs90 should be credited on my number.
I dont need to know what have actually happened,just my rs90 should be credited on my number

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