deduction of balance, activation of services

Location/place: mathura

Name of company/service: tata docomo

tata docomo was never so dying to deduct the balance of consumers. but now a days its been a heck in the neck, i just got rs 26 deducted then i receive a msg, it says,
hi, you have subscribed to ENDLESS MUSIC at Rs for days, atutorenewal on 2012-07-30 18:18:56. to stop
and so on
i received this message after the balance was deducted as seen above the msg does not tell the amount, no of days anything at all. i m calling the customer care no. 121 for past 5 hors it says, all are busy, i have had also sent mail reagarding it to [email protected] but ………..
nothing has been done. this drastic change in the service of docomo has made me sad and worried few days ago some amount was deducted and they didn’t refunded it, and same was the case before that. its been a while facing such problem. i want my balance back. and how do they dare activate services on their own and not receive the calls of consumer

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