Deduction of balance

Location/place: koraput

Name of company/service: Reliance

I have a reliance gsm connection bearing no.9692120735.
During last 2 months,balance has been deducted many times from my account.It is became a habit to see that account is deducted by,Rs 30,RS 15, and latest is deduction of Rs 3.In last 6 days i have been charged Rs 3 for 3times.For the first time I have ignored that,then it happened for the 2nd time.This time I called the customer care where I have been said that this is one time charge and it will never happen again but only after 2 days again when I wake up I saw a msg on the screen,and when I checked my account,Rs 3 has been deducted.Then I tried the customer care the whole day,but I failed.
It all happening at around 5:00 am in the morning
They said that it has been requested from my side,but truly telling I never wake up before 8:00 am.

I request Reliance to look into the matter as it is not a problem for me only,my 2 brothers has reliance also bearing nos.9778783493,9692478564 and they are also facing the same problem of balance deduction.

If no step is taken then We will go for alternatives as there are lot of them.

Only advertisement by expensive actresses will not help,There is something other than that which is called CUSTOMER SATISFACTION on which reliance telecom team should start thinking.

if it is a technical problem,then it should be handled technically.

Thank you

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