Deduction By HDFC Bank without any intimation

Location/place: Jammu

I am a consumer of HDFC Bank having A/c No.- 02411530022206,Customer Id-23953859, my registered Email with the bank – [email protected] since 2008 as my salary was coming in this account. Later on I changed my company and for that I had to open a account in ICICI bank so I started using ICICI bank more frequently. I had maintained Rs 9000 (approx) in my HDFC bank account since minimum amount required to keep my account active was Rs 5000. Few days back when I visited a newly opned branch of HDFC bank to open a FD account, to my shock I was informed that amount in my account was only Rs 817. When I inquired they told me that minimum limit has been changed to Rs 1000 thats why deductions have been made.There was no intimation , no communication from the bank regarding change in the minimum limit as they were having registere Mobile no, email , my potsal adress they should have intimated me regarding this, but I didt received any information from HDFC Bank.Such an act was not expected by me from an Internationally accepted bank having huge customer base.When I contated branch manager regarding this issue , he told me that he cannot do anything in this regard.So Admin kindly help me to get my hard earned money back.

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