deduction of balance unnecessarily and services not provided even on recharge

I have to lodge a complain against aircel for my no.-9807042813..on 13th june,2014 I took a recharge of Rs. 47 for 2G data pack 500 MB at 8:45 p.m. and a top up of Rs. 10 at 8:50 p.m. The successful transaction numbers 207:UER 14061320452100558 and 14061320522100813 message was soon displayed on my mobile,and top up and recharge allotted and Rs.10 and 500 MB were given in the main balance…but as soon as I started turned on the internet,no page could be loaded…and also,my main balance had turned to 0 wen I checked…I don’t know how the compay turned my main balance into nil..maybe they cut the internet charges from main balance,but any page also had not been loaded even once,so it was not a possibility and even if it was,then also it was unfair,because I had got my data pack activated and message of allocation of 500 MBs had been sent on my mobile by the company..and also the data pack has not started working yet..
I called on customer care…i asked the employee on the other side of the phone to check what was the default…he asked me to hold on the phone for sometime,so that he could check the issue…then without replying,he disconnected the phone in a while… after that I tried calling again 20-25 times,but nobody picked up the phone and only voice message came each time,”all our customer executives are busy,please use self help on 121” and then it disconnected automatically…it really was a big mental harassment now,that there was nobody to hear the issue also in customer support…
And this is not the first time that this kind of problem has occurred…two months back also I had made two transactions of Rs. 28 net pack and a top up of Rs 10. Same problem occurred then..and even charges were cut on calling customer care as the aircel network displayed vodafone there,and they could not get the idea also,how this problem was occurring…but that time I was in Noida and dehradoon respectively,so I thought that there might be a network problem on roaming…now this is my first transaction after that and again the same issue…I have lost money,my time calling the useless customer service of aircel,lost the availability of balance and internet in urgency…I have givern records of my this transaction..for the former recharges and top up of Rs. 28 each and Rs.10,it has been a while,so I myself will need time to search,but the transactions record of that must also be with the company that my balance was lost automatically and data pack left unused,which has happened same as of now…
This is my first ever consumer complaint,and the misconduct of the company really got on my nerves,so I had to do it..
Its my humble request to you,to please enquire into the matter..

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