Deducting My Account Without MY knowlegde

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Reliance DTH

Name: A.V.Muralidharan
BibTv A/c No:200628063253
mobile : 9840019220

I am using Reliance DTH for the past 4 years. Six months back ,I switched to HD connection. While installing this connection they have activated Ultra Sharp 1 Pack for free which is not my usual watching channel. At that time I had a balance of Rs 400+ on my account. After completion of the free period they neither withdrew the pack nor informed me. They simply started detecting Rs 1.50 per day without my knowledge. When I took the connection four years back, for sometime they had activated few paid packs for free and then stopped after certain period. But now just because I had balance they simply started detecting without my knowledge. They informed me only after my balance became negative. It was a shock to me!

In spite of several mails to customercare they refused to explain that why they didn’t inform or stop the pack after free period was over? They simply put the blame on me for not unsubscribing the pack. Had I known I would have just done that which I did when I received a message as my balnce as became negative. They also simply sent a same message few times stating that my Request no.181487438 has been ressolved without really giving
any valid explanations! Even the call center officers were arrogant and refused to acknowledge their mistakes!

Failure to inform and refusing to acknowledge their mistakes are the heights of arrogance of the company.

I request you to take action on them and make them pay for their mistakes!!

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