Deduct money from my salary account

I have salary account in Kotak Mahindra bank and also had a credit card. due to some medical issue happened at my home I failed to pay a credit card bill on time for 2 months due to that Kotak bank applied lots of charges and marked my salary account as a lien.I called customer care many times that I am looking for settlement or reversal that remove your charges and I will pay my usage amount but his collection department manager was not picking me called I wrote so many emails and did complain but none of them worked. Looks like due to this, the Kotak bank deducted Lien amount of Rs. 38525 from my account immediately after my salary get credited. I am shocked and surprised that how can they deduct the amount even without prior intimation. If there was some notification from Kotak bank letting the customer know that we can’t provide any of the service like settlement or reversal option whereas while writing mail I already submitted my medical bills in emails, Deducting this much amount without any prior notification nor informing about it leads to loss of trust and faith in a financial institution like this when I called to talk to collection department person Fuzul khan the collection department manager abused me. Sorry to say but I didn’t find Kotak is a reputed bank and as a customer, I didn’t expected such unethical action from them. With immediate effect, I am going to stop/close the account and certainly not recommend to any. I hope for a better action from Kotak bank.also I wont advise anyone to open your account in Kotak, they don’t take your issue seriously don’t have manners to deal with the customers

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