Death Claim with Electric Shock

Location/place: New Delhi-

Name of company/service: The New India Assurance Co. New Delhi

With reference to P.A. (Death Claim) under Policy No.
31010042100100000241 A/c Mr Arvind Mahajan, Claim No.
310100421001190000001, Myself Satish Gupta on behalf of Ms Seema
Mahajan w/o Late Arvind Mahajan r/o 250, IInd Floor, Bhera Enclave,
Paschim Vihar, New Delhi is to inform you that Mr Arvind Mahajan
(Husband of Ms Seema) died due to Electric Shock at his godown at Old
Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi, the police persons took him to Sir Gangaram
hospital nearby where he was declared dead.

Case was submitted with all the documents demanded time to time.
The case was rejected with the remark that electric shock of motor at
residence. No body has seen happening of accident. There is said to no
bodily injury. As per investigator’s opinion loss is not covered in
term of insured policy.

The death claim has been rejected by the New India Assurance
Co Ltd., Delhi. due to :
Hospital document says the death took place due to electric shock with
fridge, the fact is there was no fridge, the person was using electric
motor for dispose off the water from the godown. The death took place
at godown, where no fridge was there.

Sir, The mishappening took place at the godown, they are saying it
happened at residence.

Will you plz check the case & can see the facts.
Sir Death has taken place. Is it possible to reject the case where doctor has mentioned wrongly the reason lf electric Shock.
We can show u all the document in this regard. We need the justification.
Should we hope for the effected family of 2 girls & one male boy.
Thanking u. Hope to listen from u people plz.

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