Dead fly inside sandwich at cafe coffee day outlet at NIT faridabad

Location/place: faridabad/ haryana

Name of company/service: Cafe coffee day

Incident date 5-06-2011
Place: cafe coffee day outlet, NIT faridabad.
Time afternoon between 12 noon to 2:00Pm

I orderd for a dine in, coffe along with the chicken tikka sandwich, after eating it half i saw a dead fly in between that sandwich, it was not from the enviornment outside and was in between the slices of bread, i just raised a concern there were appologies but not a satisfactory response, i even spoke to the outlet manager and their area manager for this but they were unable to do any thing, after this they were not allowing me to take the sandwich along with me and also tried not to give me the bill of this after forcing and preassurising them that if they wont allow me to take the sandwich and will stop me from taking the bill i will make noise and call other people, they provided me with the bill. this is a big concern and shocking statement for me as i dont know weather there were some more flies which i have eaten and since yesterday am suffering from bad stomach here in am also enclosing the images of the sandwich and the invoice and seek for a redressal soon

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