DATAWIND INNOVATIONS CHEAT/FRAUD,WHO IS GONNA ANSWER? As the ubislate is on sale on immediately then why datawind is taking so much time?

Location/place: MUMBAI

I have booked Akash tablet Ubislate 7+ on March 13th 2012.order no.PMF16AD32EC
After followup i got the mail that make Prepayment and you will receive the Tab sooner.So i send have send them the D.D.of 2999/-on Amritsar address on 29th May 2012.They is no acknowledgement or mail from them about payment received or not?
None of there customer care are receiving phone calls or replying to repetative mails.
Who is gonna answer this i dont know.and the same product is on sale on,then question arises why Datawind is taking so much of time.
Mr.Sibal you innagurated the Akash Tablet to india but i am forced to think that whether it was fraud or what?
Whomever concern please reply….

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