Datawind Fraud Company

Location/place: Ahmedabad

Name of company/service: datawind innovations pvt ltd

See this datawind is total fraud, even if you get the intrument it will be faulty rest assure, we all should kich out this **cking company out of india.

I have paid in january and recently get teh instrument but fauly one, there is no service centre, you call again and again on technical helpdesk but in vain.

They have a junior unexperience freelance person in some of the cities who doesn’t come to collect the fauly instrument, I am following with him since last fortnight he has still not collected the instrument. I have lost my money 3000/-. Don’t want this company to cheat any other felow indians. Can you help me !!

I curse all this, and suggest through this forum to all.

Pls. Do not fall in this trape of datawind, they are all thieves, instrument is useless, better buy it another brand who assure post sale service and have reliability.

Lets throw out this company our of india, pls. Be unite and circulate this all you friends and family

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