customers account mishandled

Location/place: dwarka,delhi

Name of company/service: airtel

Hi Sir/Madam,
This is to bring to your kind attention about an incident of misuse of privilages given to your internal/external employees.
Yesterday, at approx 07:45 pm my number was barred.i called up 198 services to enquire about the reason.i was informed that the number has been barred because the phone or sim has been reported to be lost.There were no further information given about the incident.enquiring further,i could figure out that it was done by one your employees mischievously.As i was informed,theres no notes on the account to specify the reason or the callers details.It just gives the executives 110% sure that it cant be somebody of my aquaintances,good or bad.It has to be one your employees , internal or external.
I demand an investigation about this whole incident.As per my understanding,privilages given to employees,at no time,must be misused,to cause customers inconvinience.
I also demand a compensation for my losses i incured having to go through the inconvinience of not having the services available.
Also,regardless,i would love to bring this to the notice of the consumer court to get into further investigation.its very sad for a company as huge as Airtel to be loosing customer for incident very much similar.there a lot of instances happening where customers informations are misused , shared , privilages being used , which sooner or later might cause huge financial loses and might get the reputation at stake.

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