Customer Care center treating customer like beggars..

I’m sorry to say this but being a 4-5year customer that to with prime membership my all orders are not delivered on time , sometimes the delivery boy sends a message saying that product can’t be delivered today and it is rescheduled for tomorrow without even calling the customer, after calling the delivery boy they says that it was sent by mistake .I really don’t know what customer support are y’all giving from Amazon after so many complaints about the delivery boy from the customer past 2-3years, I want to know what action did y’all have taken ..its better to use other applications instead of this Amazon . there was a time when customer was treated like god but now it’s totally opposite.. totally rude behavior of all the delivery boys..and specially when I called the customer care they are bribing me with RS 50/- or one month prime membership , what the hell do we customer looks like beggars over here… really very very bad service..

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