Croma extended warranty

Location/place: Bhayander

Name of company/service: Croma The Electronic Mega Store

Hi Sir/Madam,

I have purchase a Samsung – semi auto washing machine with an extended warranty for 2 years. Unfortunately after 2 years my machines washing tub stopped spinning. I called Croma’s extended warranty helpline (18002092525) on 06/08/2012 around 12:00 and informed about about my issues and requested them to send an engineer ASAP as it is Ramada n and is important to have a machine in working condition, towards the end of the call their representative informs me that there system is not working and she will call me back by EOD. I did not get any call from them. Next days i.e. 07/08/2012 i contacted their helpline again and i was told that the complaints has been registered and the complaint # is 52747 and will be expecting an engineer in next 48 hours. I objected saying that i was promised a visit in next 48 hours from 06/08/2012, the representative replies saying that the complaint has been registered on 07/08/2012 so it will be 48 hours from when the complaint is registered. I said that their systems were not working but still i still manage for next 48 hours. On 09/08/2012 i.e. after 48 hours of their SLA when i contact the helpline again and i was told that the engineer might visit anytime before 20:00. I informed them about Ramadan and that we have lailatul qadr today. I requested them to send an engineers before 18:00 or after 20:30. The representative directly says that we cannot do that you can speak to the service cent or call a supervisor. On the same day i call Vijay (one of the heads of Croma – Extended warranty team) on 9820908109 who conference call with Kishore head at Goregaon service center informed him about the issues and asked him send the possible parts that would be faulty handy with the engineer and they promised an engineer on 10/08/2012 in the morning. Left with no option i accepted that. Next day i.e. 10/08/2012 Mr. Upendra Shukla visits me with no ID card. My situation being helpless i allowed him in my house. He checks the machine and informs me that that gear box is not working and will need to replace it and the job will be done today evening or by tomorrow. I asked him why does not he have the required part handy, he says that the service will not give any part until they give a report. I called Vijay and told about this he told me that he will check this and call be back in 30 minutes and the engineer left. He call me again after an hour approx and informs he that as it is janmashtami he cannot get it done today but will for sure get it FIXED by tomorrow. I have Mr. Upendra Shukla visiting again with no ID card replaces the gear box but when he tried to fit the plate that spins he realized that the gear box he has brought is a wrong one. He than tried to bend the grip of the plate so that it can fit on the gear box but he was unsuccessful. I asked him what is the mater he says that just because we pressurized him to fix the machine he has picked up a wrong part and than he started talking nonsense with me and my mother. He yells me that even being janmashtami they are still working, their seniors have more salary than them, he has a family but he still visits us early i.e. by 11:00 – 11:30, etc. I called Vijay and informed him about the scene that he has created. Vijay tell me that that the engineers are uneducated and outsourced but he will complaint about him to his senior and follow up with me in next 30 minutes. I was waiting for Vijay’s call and after approx 1 hour 30 minutes i called him to check what has he done to fix my machine and about the complaint toward the engineer. He tells me that the same technician will visit me again by 16:00 and about the complaint he has text Mr. Sukla’s senior and will update me about it on Monday. The engineer did not visit me at 16:00 as well. I called Vijay again and he conferenced the call again with Kishore he tells me taht we should give them time to get the parts and vijay tell me that as per the extended warranty’s policy they will fix the issue in 7 days but he is trying to get it fixed as per my convenience.
I don’t understand that every thing that has happened it is as per my convenience or is it a company dominating consumer just because of the policies that they have set. The behaviour of the technician and the HOB has been worst

One of the worst service that i have recieve from the anyone

Abdulkadir Safri
[email protected]

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