Credit Card harassment

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Standard Chartered


I had a standard chartered credit card and in August I was wrongly billed by the merchant without my knowledge. When I received my credit card bill i contacted the customer care and they told me that they would provide me with the dispute declaration form but I never got it, I again called up the customer care but did not receive the form, the third time I called up I was sent the form and I immediately filled it up and sent it back!! They are not ready to acknowledge the dispute as the form should have reached within 15 days even though it is they who delayed sending the dispute declaration form! The total outstanding has become 4 times of the principal amount and they harass me every week with prank phone calls even though I have written to their head office minimum 20 emails. Today a lady called from recovery department and said you can go ahead and file a suit we dont care!!

It has been over 6 months of indifference and harassment from the company, I recommend anyone reading this not to take their credit cards at all as the recovery department happily says that they are not worried about disputes and all, their job is to recover the money!!

For their inefficiency they are threatening me with a bad credit rating but I am starting a campaign on social media where all users will share their stories about being cheated by Standard Chartered and justice will be done!!

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