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I am shreyas N. I have taken a sbi credit card in 2018 with the limit of 25000. Ya I used that amount. As i working i was clearing everything in first. I left my job in dec 2018 and I cant clear some amount because of left job. Even I tried to some due amount when I get. After dec 2018 I was unemployed and even I have car loan in that I cant concentrate on both due amount. The amount 36000 is due now. Sbi credit card agent is keep on calling for 10 to 15 times in half an hour. Now I am job and salary is only 20000. I have attached the contact of person who keep on calling for number of times a day.
+91 6385 753 376 I dont no his name. Please try to understand my situation. I ll clear that amount even I dont like to settlement. I have a future plans.

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  1. 9 months ago

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