Credit card cheating

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Standard Chartered

I am a unfortunate Credit Card user of Standard Chartered.
Their marketing executive informed me on phone while marketing a credit card, that there will be no annual fee levied on my card.
Hence, I was surprised to see annual fee being charged on my first bill.
When i wrote to customer care, voicing my concerns, they asked me for evidence that such a commitment was made to me.
The conformation was done telephonically, so I won’t have any records on that. As a normal Indian citizen & common man in this country does not record telephonic conversations. Not at least from reputed organisations, claiming to market the best available product in the country.
If I am informed telephonically that I won’t be charged an annual fee on the credit card, how do I interpret that it is a lie and a cheap marketing tactic of your executive to meet his/her monthly targets.
It’s a shame on your recruiting & training policy that such unfortunate, unprofessional tactics are used to trap customers.
I am experiencing the worst possible work ethics here.
It is disheartening to see organisations harassing a common man to this extent for a mere sum of 1000!!
I have no option but to move to consumer forum, not for the money but to highlight unethical, dishonest & absolutely unacceptable attitude of such organisations, which are beautifully covered in name of banking rules & regulations.
I humbly request you to please take suitable action in this regard.

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